About Us

Hello! Great to see you here! I'm Michelle Foster, founder and creator of Dream Capture Artwork. So you've stumbled upon my little world of imagination.
Here is a bit of background info on how it all came about! 
It all started, quite by chance, back in 2015 after a painting I created of my son Theo. It was a vision I had of him and it represented how much joy and colour he brings to my life. I tried to find something like my idea but nothing held such a special and sentimental meaning that captured his spirit and soul. That is when I started painting and capturing on canvas the way I viewed the world and exploring ways I could show what I value most about life and living and what I hope to remind people of too;
Our true essence, love, connection and inner freedom.
I will always feel quite vulnerable opening up my heart and soul in my work and over the years I have slowly found my little place in this world where sell my art cards across the country to beautiful independent shops that love spreading joy and lifting people up. The quirkier and magical the better!
★ I paint life in all its magic★
I am passionate about creating Art that helps us to connect to our inner child, encourage strength and evoke uplifting feelings.
I just love to surround myself with colour and positivity and it's through my dark times that inspiration strikes for my more spiritual pieces of how I let the light in and the wisdom I gain navigating down my life's path with its twists and turns and ups and downs. My art usually becomes quite intuitive and often I start off as one idea which leads me down a bit of a rabbit hole to something better. Ultimately though it all has meaning to it and is packed full of love and positive intention.
As well as being an Artist and small business owner, I am a proud Mother to two beautiful children, Theo- age 13 and Aria- age 4. It has been my dream from the start to build a business and make a living that involves my family too. We all love to bring Dream Capture Artwork to local fairs and festivals and live life more on the road through the Summer months. 

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy exploring the journey Dream Capture Artwork has had so far.