About Us

Dream Capture Artwork was founded back in 2015 after a painting I created of my son Theo. It was a vision I had of him and it represented how much joy and colour he brings to my life. I tried to find something like my idea but nothing held such special sentimental meaning and that's when I started painting and capturing my own dreams and visions. I will always feel quite vulnerable opening up my heart and soul in my work and over the years I have slowly found my little place in this world and now sell my art across the country to beautiful independent shops that fit with my ethos.
What I love about using silhouettes as the focal point is that it can represent anyone who resonates with the piece even though I often use myself and my children as muses.
Since picking up the paintbrush in 2015 I have been on a journey of discovery, not only with my painting techniques, having always used  acrylic on canvas, but also ultimately learning to believe in myself.
I have always been insecure and sensitive to the world around me and overthink everything, and I have had to really learn to let go and accept myself for who I am. In fact my sensitivity is actually my biggest asset and I wouldn't create the art that I do if I didn't feel everything so deeply.
As well as being an Artist and small business owner, I am a proud Mother to two beautiful children, Theo- age 11 and Aria- age 2. Dream Capture Artwork is my third baby coming up to age 6 now - gosh!. 

With my art I explore life in all its magic
With Dream Capture Artwork's birth originating from paintings of children and capturing their soul and playful free spirit, I have often created pieces from my own adult life experiences and paint quite randomly when inspiration strikes. Typically this means that I don't create 'series' pieces as my art comes more from inspired action and always from a place of love and magic. 
I am passionate about creating Art that helps to remind us of our inner child, encourage strength and evoke uplifting feelings.
I just love to surround myself with colour and positivity and hope you are the same.

You will find everything has love and magic poured into it here at Dream Capture Artwork, from the sentimental meanings and countless hours spent on each painting, to the fact that I work independently, making, assembling and packing everything you see myself with love and care in my home studio in Suffolk.
I have my Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Notebooks and Hanging Keepsakes printed professionally in Britain and use sustainable materials as much as I can.
Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy exploring what Dream Capture Artwork has to offer.
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